IHHF Mission The Mission of the Immigrant Heritage Hall of Fame (IHHF) is to

  • celebrate the diverse ethnic heritage of our state, by honoring individuals and institutions who exemplify the best of their immigrant heritage and have made outstanding contributions to the cultural, economic, and civic development of the state.
  • preserve this heritage, by recording and publishing the biographies of the inductees and the history of their ethnic communities, gradually compiling an immigrant history of the state.
  • educate the public about the importance of the immigrant heritage to the identity of the American nation and the contributions of immigrants and immigrant communities to our country and state.

Criteria for Selecting Inductees

  •  Candidate should be an immigrant or the descendant of an immigrant family who settled in Connecticut. (Posthumous induction into the IHHF is allowed.)
  •  Families, as well as associations or institutions, along with their leaders or founders, may be inducted.
  •  Candidate should be noted for significant contributions to the economic, cultural, or civic development of the State of Connecticut, and/or exceptional service to their ethnic/cultural community and/or building ties between their community and the community at large.
  •  Said contributions or services may include, but are not limited to the following fields: o Civic o Cultural o Business o Professional o Educational o Social Service
  • Candidates should have maintained a connection with their immigrant heritage.

Selection Process

  • Anyone may submit nominations for induction into the IHHF.
  • The selection of inductees will be made by the IHHF Selection Committee.
  • Nominations should be submitted in the calendar year prior to the year of the induction ceremony. However, the IHHF Selection Committee may consider nominations at any time.
  • Once nominated, candidates not selected in one year, may be considered again in future years.

Are you interested in nominating someone to the Immigrant Heritage Hall of Fame in 2018?

Download this form, complete it, and mail to: Immigrant Heritage Hall of  Fame, P.O. Box 1525, New Britain, CT 06050 -1525

or use the form below:

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Nominee Address
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Nominee Phone
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Employers (current or former), Organizations/Associations to which they belong or belonged
Please list sources of information about the nominee (family, relatives, friends, public sources of information such as memoirs, websites, etc)
Please provide biographical information that addresses the IHHF selection criteria. Specifically, describe the contributions and accomplishments of the nominee and continued connection to their immigrant heritage.