Tadeusz (Ted) and Wanda Malkowski


Entrepreneurs and philanthropists Tadeusz (Ted) and Wanda Malkowski each arrived in the USA in the 1960s. Ted had completed technical school in industrial arts and was already a skilled machinist when, at the age of 20, he left Poland, in search of better opportunities abroad. He sought and received political asylum in the United States and found his skills were in high demand in the defense industry and in an expanding economy. Ted and Wanda met and married in 1974, the year they also founded the Continental Machine Tool Company, Inc. in New Britain. In 1980, the successfully growing family business moved to a larger facility on John Downey Drive. Working together as a team, Ted and Wanda continued in steady growth and prosperity, expanding their business into several buildings in the City of New Britain and employing close to 200 people. Their company is well known in the industry as a customized maker of metallic and non-metallic parts and assemblies. Their precision-machined fabrications service tools and machines in fields as varied as aerospace, medical, automotive and military. Continental Machine Tool will celebrate a notable anniversary in 2014: its fortieth year of well-deserved commercial and business success. Ted and Wanda Malkowski represent and live the American Dream. They have succeeded in what America does best: entrepreneurship. They also exemplify the American tradition of service to the community. This remarkable family has forgotten neither its roots, nor its humble beginnings. They consistently and generously support numerous community and charitable causes and initiatives. They are true exemplars of the best of their Polish immigrant heritage, as well as the best of the American civic and business traditions.